GitHub Hackathon: Build something new with us
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Build something new with us

Already your home for innovation, GitHub is now hosting free global hackathons. Build, learn, iterate—and, if you’d like, share with the other 40+ million developers on GitHub.

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Github Actions Hackathon

March 5-31, 2020

This four-week hackathon challenges the community to create original GitHub Actions. Actions connect all of the tools in your workflow: You can solve problems, build containers, deploy to any cloud, and more.

Learn more about GitHub Actions

How it works

  1. Log in to GitHub to start tinkering around with GitHub Actions (you can also check out this tutorial).
  2. At 12:01 am PT on Thursday, March 5, start building Actions for the Hackathon!
  3. Submit your Actions by 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, March 31.
    (Bonus: The first 1,000 valid submissions will receive free GitHub swag!)
Log in to get started

Read the rules and FAQS.

Featured submissions

It simply create s3 bucket on aws and deploystatic file to it and commit the Url to PR

This action counts the number of words provided.

When pull requests are created or updated, this action compare all other pull requests and then leaves comments on the pull requests if same files are changed, and there is any possibility to be conflicted when other pull requests merged first.

Automate the publication of an AUR package

Matlab and Octave unit tests amd coverage reports with MOxUnit

Run/update/delete Cloud Run services, with *.JSON auth.

A simple Github Action to deploy to Heroku and notify via Telegram.

Checks for C code formatting in .c and .h files.

Send notification to your LaMetric using Github Actions

Stay tuned for more GitHub hackathons.