Resources for your Hackathon

Need some resources for your hackathon? Check out all our resources below. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We hope you find it useful. Whether you’re running an in-person hackathon, or online, here’s some useful tools and resources to help ensure your hackathon is a success. Remember, there are a number of places to promote your hackathon so promote it in as many places as possible!

Don't forget to read our own Tips and Tricks page for lots of information on running your hackathon. is a community of software developers. They help one another out, posting tutorials, information, and collaborating. host an array of hackathons and is a great place to get lots of information on running a hackathon, or a great site to consider hosting your hackathon.


DevPost. is known as the home for hackathons. Hackathons are featured on there, and there’s a whole host of tips and tricks on running hackathons too. Check out their page for best practices, and even how to promote a hackathon. This is also a great place to consider promoting your hackathon.

DevPost Expo

DevPost Expo is an open sourced tool for helping filter and distribute table numbers. If you’re running a science-fair, expo style presentation format this is the perfect tool.


Envato is the digital marketplace for EVERYTHING. You can find lots of great resources for using in videos, making presentations, designing graphics, website templates, and heaps more. There’s lots of free content and some cheap assets as well.


Gavel is an open sourced judging tool. It was originally built for a hackathon back in 2015 and has been used for heaps of events since then. It’s a great way to get participants voting for their favourite hackathons and can be used for a “People’s Choice” category.


Obviously we can’t go past our own amazing developer platform! GitHub is a great way to collaborate on a project, track your progress, manage a project, and more. Check out how to get GitHub for free on our GitHub Teams page. You can also check out our GitHub Docs Pages for heaps of information on using GitHub and how-to guides.

GitHub Campus Experts

If you’re a student running a hackathon, then why not see if you can get some money to help you out. Through our partnership with Major League Hacking, we offer students $1000 USD to help run a hackathon. Find out more on the GitHub Campus Experts website and click “apply for hackathon grant”.

Google Forms

Are you wanting to run a survey, collect information from participants, or encourage your participants to collect information for their projects, you can’t go past Google Forms. It’s free and super easy to use.

Hackathon Organiser’s Guide

This guide was put together by our friends over at Major League Hacking. They have a lot of useful information on how to run community focused hackathons. There are some resources around budgets, volunteering guides, proposals, sponsorship decks, and more. A lot of the information is not only targeted towards community hackathons, but also very much towards student hackathons.

Hackathon Queen

From GitHub’s own Hackathon Queen. Mish puts up lots of insights into hackathons, innovation, outcomes, and more. Check out her website for some great inspiration when you’re thinking about running your hackathon.

Hackathons International

Hackathons International is a global organisation, started in Melbourne. They have a whole host of hackathons on their website. This is a great resource if you’re looking to send your customers/clients to hackathons. There’s featured hacks from all over the globe. There’s also opportunities for you to have your hackathon featured on the website too.

Major League Hacking

Find out where all the awesome hackathons are running! There’s a whole bunch of resources, tips, freebies, and more on this website. It’s a must to check out if you’re running a hackathon.


Need a resource for doing great interactive presentations? As an organiser, this is an awesome platform. Use Mentimeter to run live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more. Check out all the awesome things you can do to make your sessions more interactive.


The communication tool of this century! If you don’t have it, you need it. All your comms are easily accessible in one place. Use it to keep track of your organising team and it’s also a great platform for participants to connect and share knowledge. Slack is perfect for both online and offline hackathons.

Stack Overflow

If you've never heard about Stack Overflow this is the perfect time to get familiar. This is the place where developers come to learn together. The Q&A Section is probably what you'll want to look at the most. As an organiser, this is the perfect resource to point your participants to when they need answers on pretty much any developer question on the planet.


Vercel is a virtual event starter kit. It allows you to fully customise your event to your needs. It runs in any browser without additional downloads and is perfect if you are thinking of hosting a virtual hackathon with presentations and more of an 'event' flair.


No doubt you’ve now heard about Zoom! It’s essential to use some sort of video conferencing tool when you’re running an offline hackathon with presentations and workshops. Zoom can be used for organisers to host and kick off a hackathon, as well as having participants dial in and present their ideas at the end. Depending on the format for your hackathon you might decide to limit interaction and leave people to their own devices. If you are interacting with people however, you can’t go past Zoom… just remember to set a password to deter “zoom bombers”!